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This past weekend I was in Temple, TX at the 35th Annual Texas Train Show. As I was setting up for the event Saturday morning, I found myself reflecting on the past and what I had learned over the years since I had been a part of this venue (the club I had been a part of years ago, had started this annual event). Granted, I had been absent for many years, but the sound and the excitement had not changed a bit. Today, the technology and the available products have changed. Twenty-something years ago there was no DCC (Digital Command Control) technology like today or the newest and greatest of having the most latest designed locomotives on the layout. Back in the day we had "shake the box" kits and you had to have your "brakeman" walk your train around the layout to be sure your trains were behaving as they should tracking down the line.

This brings me to my point to be made. I had the honor to meet Ethan this weekend. He was a young man in his early 20s asking and seeking questions to be answered where to start and what gauge to model. I explained to him, much has due to the amount of space needed if you are going to just collect or whether you are going to build a railroad. I gave him the benefits of HO, one of the largest well-known gauges with the most variety of products available. I went on to explain there's not too much that isn't being made for today's modeler. Whether you're modeling 1900 steam or the latest in diesel locomotive technology, HO has it. If space is an issue, then N-Scale has much to offer too. A lot can be squeezed into a tiny space and offer the same fun as HO does, only on a smaller scale.

As I concluded our conversation, I think I was able to help Ethan get a bit closer to building the railroad of his dreams. Starting out with a plan and giving yourself the options to make changes along the way will net you the near perfect railroad to be desired.

See you at the next train show........

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