LSC1015 CY1208.2 Custom Coach Yard 1950 PSCM Dorm Lounge, ATSF #1344 w/Ltd. Int.

LSC1015 CY1208.2 Custom Coach Yard 1950 PSCM Dorm Lounge, ATSF #1344 w/Ltd. Int.

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Another LSC Custom Shop Exclusive

In 1947 the Super Chief began daily service between Chicago and Los Angeles, and in 1951 the train was entirely re-equipped with new cars.  The Super Chief was an all-room, first class, extra-fare train that ran on the fastest 39 ¾ hour schedule possible.  Train number 17 was westboundnumber 18 was eastbound.  The latest cars purchased by the Santa Fe in 1950 and 1951 were preferred for the Super Chief, but cars were protected and supplemented by other new cars from the late 1940s.  Santa Fe drew on all three major builders of light weight, stainless-steel cars: most of the cars for the 1937 and 1938 Super Chief came from Budd, Pullman Standard and Budd added cars in 1947 to make enough cars for daily service, and ACF and PS shared most of the construction of the 1951 Super Chief.

Product Information

Coach Yard CY-1208.2 ATSF 85' PSCM 1950 Dormitory Lounge #1344. Custom finished w/passengers. Very nicely detailed w/LED lighted interior and window treatments. One of six Pullman-Standard dorm lounge cars (1339-1344) built by PSCM. These cars included a barber shop as an extra amenity while traveling in the 1950s. Truly, top-shelf travel in those days!

Produced by Samhongsa of Korea in 1997 for The Coach Yard.
Includes Kadee Couplers, installed w/Darwin universal close-coupling drafts.

Beautifully completed and a must for any Santa Fe modeler. Get this rare piece today before it's gone.

This piece includes its original box and packaging and is ready to roll.
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