A10003600 Atlas GE U28C/U28CG, DCC Ready or DCC w/LokSound (6 Roads)

ATL10003600 Atlas GE U28C/U28CG, DCC Ready or DCC w/LokSound (6 Roads)

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An Exclusive Locomotive From Yesteryears

Special Order Only! ETA: 3rd Qtr. 2020
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The General Electric U28C locomotive, developed in 1966, provided a 300 horsepower increase over its predecessor, the U25C. Built on a larger frame than the U25C, the model also incorporated other improvements, such as new floating bolster trucks. A passenger-hauling variant, the U28CG, was produced for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. These units were painted in the timeless red and silver Warbonnet paint scheme and put into service on the Texas Chief, replacing well aged F units. Upon being retired from passenger service the U28CGs were repainted into the standard Santa Fe freight colors of blue and yellow.

Early U30Cs were based on the U28C design and were visually identical to the Phase II U28C, of which this new model from Atlas represents.

Southern Pacific model features SP style lighting including nose mounted headlight, cab mounted Gyralight, and roof mounted Emergency light.

To Pre-Order:

Several road names and cab numbers are available. Click on the link here to choose the road, cab number and power configuration. Select DCC-ready or DCC w/Sound and specify the road and cab# you desire when pre-ordering. Use our handy Pre-Order Request Form found here. We will confirm your reservation upon receipt. Remember, no monies are due until product is ready to ship. Product qualifies for FREE domestic shipping when pre-ordering before the deadline (some restrictions may apply).