R402000 Rapido 53′ High-Cube Container Sets (2-Pack)

R402000 Rapido 53′ High-Cube Container Sets (2-Pack)

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These had been originally revealed as the 53′ “Husky Stack” Well Car and 53′ High-Cube Container in HO Scale back in June 2016. The really good news is that the delay has allowed Rapido to respond to customer feedback and upgrade the specification. They had taken this model out of the Prime Movers by Rapido range and given it etched metal walkways and factory-installed vertical handrail grabs. The container twin packs will now also feature individually numbered containers, so if you’re a stickler for that sort of thing you don’t have to change any numbers.

The 53′ high-cube container was constructed by Hyundai and is an insulated dry box design with riveted sheet/post sides and an optional heater box/fuel tank. These are among the most common containers in Canada, designed to protect cargo transported through the extreme cold of the winter, and can be found painted in the colorful schemes of Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and numerous transportation companies. Similar designs can also be found working across the USA.


The 53′ container introduces a new design never before offered in quality form in HO Scale. The insulated dry boxes are ubiquitous in Canadian intermodal trains operating for Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and a huge number of transportation companies! They are also seen throughout the US mid-West as far south as New Orleans.

The models will also feature a heater box and fuel tank – dependent on paint scheme – with full printing. These heaters are designed to protect cargo transported through the extreme cold of the Canadian winter.

We will be producing eight paint schemes in the first run, four Canadian and four classic US liveries, along with undecorated version.

These models feature full razor-sharp printing of all livery elements.


The 53′ High-Cube Containers SRP:$24.95.

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