W920-15652 Walther's Proto 74' Steam Generator Car, Santa Fe #131

W920-15652 Walther's Proto 74' Steam Generator Car, Santa Fe #131

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Walther's ATSF Steam Generator Car

Product Information

Probably the most unique members of Santa Fe's vast passenger car fleet were the 10 former lightweight baggage cars converted to steam generator cars in 1970. Designed to provide both train heat and power to run the steam ejector air conditioning used on many cars, they became a key part of secondary trains where aging F3 and F7A units were now assigned, none of which were equipped with steam generators, and were available to pinch-hit on the streamliners if the need arose. Ready for operation or display, features of this Walther's Proto replica include:
  • Painted to match the prototypes
  • Factory-installed grab irons
  • Prototypically accurate window tinting
  • Window gasket details as appropriate
  • Sprung operating diaphragms
  • Modeler-installed extended drawbars for 22" radius curves included
  • Turned metal wheelsets and correct trucks with built-in electrical contacts
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers