CY-1515/1516 Coach Yard Missouri Pacific/River Eagle 6-Car Sets (Skirted & Unskirted)

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ETA: July 2022

Product Information

Coach Yard
CY-1515 Missouri Pacific "Eagle" ACF 6-car set, LW, blue-gray.
CY-1516 Missouri River Eagle ACF 6-car set, LW-modernized (de-skirted) blue-gray.

Additional equipment including a powered E3A locomotive sold separately.

Produced by Apex Models of Korea for The Coach Yard.

Includes Kadee Couplers, installed.


These pieces are BRAND NEW in their factory-original box and packaging and will be ready to roll. We offer a 30-day return guarantee on all our shipped products.

This product is currently in production. Contact us for accurate pricing on sets and individual pieces. More information will be added upon updates from The Coach Yard.