ATHG78000 Athearn Genesis CA-9 Caboose w/DCC & Lights or DCC/Sound/Lights

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ETA: August 2021


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Built by International Car Company in 1967, UP’s CA-9 class numbered 100 cabooses. The cars were very similar to the earlier CA-8 and later CA10 designs, but had minor differences in end cages and windows. The cars originally featured square safety slogans, and these were later changed to rectangular slogans. The eye-catching safety slogans made the cars distinctive; the later slogan boards were removable and could be swapped from car to car, meaning that certain road numbers wore several over the course of their lives.


  • #25658, 25668, 25661 Early slogans, P on cupola representing Pool service,unique scheme with 14 inch reporting marks and 8-inch “Union Pacific”, as- built or modernized cupola windows as appropriate
  • #906251 MOW Office car, painted “Kenefick green,” Era: 1990s+
  • #25629, 25616 Later rectangular slogan boards, red P on cupola representing Pool service, modernized windows, Era: late 1970s+


    DCC: NCE Equipped
    SOUND: Available
    PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURER: International Car Co.
    LIGHTED: LED Lighting
    Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
    Is Assembly Required: No