B24610 Bowser

B24610 Bowser "Executive Line" F9B, ATSF/Blue&Yellow Warbonnet (Sound and Silent Available)

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Available: July 2019



    • air hoses
    • windshield wipers
    • grab irons
    • coupler lift bars
    • operating headlight
    • window glass,
    • can motor
    • flywheels
    • nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges and knuckle couplers
    • Analog (DC) version features NMRA 21 pin plug for DCC, DCC/Sound version features LokSound Select Dual-Mode decoder which allows locomotive to be used on DC as well as on DCC layouts

    New for this run of F-units 

    • Cab interior 
    • Engineer & fireman figures
    • Hostler light where applicable
    • Improved diaphragms

    Road Specific Features:

            • Hostler Light
            • Roof Mounted oil cooling pipes
            • Modified exhaust/spark arrestors
            • Fan hood covers
            • Partial fuel tank skirting
            • Winterization Hatch