K5 Kadee HO Magne-Matic Metal Coupler-Standard CS w/#242 Snap-Together Draft Boxes (2prs)

K5 Kadee HO Magne-Matic Metal Coupler-Standard CS w/#242 Snap-Together Draft Boxes (2prs)

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This industry leading coupler features an all metal standard coupler, and #634 standard centering spring and comes complete with insulated draft gearbox and lid. The NO.5® Magne-Matic® Metal Coupler may be mounted with the included #242 HO Scale Universal "Black Box" Snap-Together Insulated Gearbox & Lids.

We managed to purchase a bunk package of Kadee #5 with the #634 standard centering springs and including the #242 Snap-Together draft boxes, are offering these at a reduced price, still the same quality, just less packaging and instructions are provide below at the links online. The quality of the #242 Snap-Together draft boxes allow the modeler to assemble the complete coupler assembly without the worries of it coming apart during installation. We think you will like the change too!

The 148 Whisker® Coupler is equivalent to the NO.5® Metal Coupler.

Refer to our helpful Coupler Conversion Charts to determine the appropriate coupler to use on your model.

NO.5® Standard Coupler Instructions

Two pair per package

Bulk Packs of #5 (NO.5®) Metal Couplers without gearboxes

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Package Includes:

  • (2) Pair NO.5® Metal Couplers - Medium Centerset Shank
  • (2) Pair #634 Centering Spring NO.5® Style
  • (2) Pair #242 Snap-Together Insulated Gearboxes
  • (2) #622 Knuckle Springs

NO.5® Metal Coupler Features:
Material  -   Metal
Shank Length  -   Medium (9/32") (center hole to back of coupler head)
Coupler Offset  -   Centerset
Knuckle Spring  -   #622
Centering System  -   Standard Shank
Centering Spring  -   #634 Centering Spring NO.5® Style
Head  -   Standard Head
Works In Place of  -   #58, #28, #118, #119, #148, #158, & most medium centerset "clone" couplers.
Works With  -   #213, #232, #234, #242 draft gear boxes, & most manufacturer cast-on coupler pockets* (molded-on gearbox).

*Note: Some manufacturers now produce models with non-industry standard coupler pockets (molded-on gearbox). These shallower coupler pockets may require slight modification to the gearbox or coupler to function properly. If the model has a shallow molded-on gearbox, a #148 Whisker® coupler should be used unsteady of a NO.5® coupler. The top of the #148 Whisker® coupler shank may be filed thinner to fit the shallower cast-on coupler pockets.

#242 Plastic Draft Gearboxes & Lids Features:
Material  -   Insulated Plastic
Dimensions  -   29/64"L x 19/64"W x 7/64"H
Works With  -   NO.5®, #58, 20-Series and all Whisker® Couplers

Mounting Specifications:
Mounting Height  -   29/64"
Centerline  -   25/64"
Trip Pin Height  -   1/32"
Center Hole  -   2-56 Insulated Screws are the most commonly used. (Screw length will vary)
Side Holes  -   0-48 Self-Tapping or 0-80 Machine Screws. (Screw length will vary)

Click on the following link for installation instructions:


It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gear box to avoid the possible electrical crossover or shorting that may cause damage. Use the provided insulated draft gear box.

Two pairs per package.