LSC1002 Custom Hallmark Brass Santa Fe CF7 Pair w/Overland Brass Caboose

LSC1002 Custom Hallmark Brass Santa Fe CF7 Pair w/Overland Brass Caboose

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Here is your opportunity (possibly of a lifetime) to own this very nice pair of custom painted Hallmark Models brass CF7s with round cabs and fresh warbonnet paint. These have been upgraded with new NWSL motors and converted to TSC-DCC and WOW Sound featuring "Stay Alive" technology. Still riding on their original trucks, these units have been lubricated to reduce any gear noise and looks forward to running on a new layout. Not much run time as it appears due to the clean and little-to-no wear to the wheels. Originally produced for Hallmark Models of Dallas, TX by KMT of Japan in 1981. As little as only 200 were produced, these today, have become a rare find.

The pair have been custom painted using Tru-Color Paints and finished using Microscale Decals in our LSC Custom Shop. Completely detailed with added parts for the cab, includes train hoses and new couplers, cab window glazing and a beacon light finishes these workhorses brilliantly. Modeled after the prototypes, we have done 2649, the first and only CF7 built in Cleburne, Texas from a wrecked, cabless GP7B with dynamic brakes. All others completed did not feature dynamic brakes and were all fabricated in the shop from scratch. With more than 200 built from the company's aging F3A and F7A fleet, these were completed in several cab configurations. All in descending order, starting with round cabs and the dressy blue "pinstriped" paint, many saw changes along the way as they were produced and re-shopped with the upgraded angled cabs and warbonnet paint. Our 2589 (w/ its four exhaust arrestors) represents one of those units that retained its original cab configuration, like the 2649 when re-shopped for its iconic yellow warbonnet paint.

With this pair of CF7s, we are including a very nicely, completed Overland Models brass CE-8 class wide vision caboose. This waycar, numbered 999719 is highly detailed including a truck generator installed on one of its axles. Complete with window glazing, the addition of knuckle couplers, train hoses and cut bars make this piece extra special on anyone's railroad. Produced by Ajin Precision Manufacturing of Korea for Overland in 1990.

All three pieces come with their original boxes and packaging and are ready to roll. Each item has been carefully inspected prior to being offered. We offer a 30-day return guarantee on all our products.