LSC1003 Custom Painted Union Pacific 6-Car Steam Excursion Heritage Set

LSC1003 Custom Painted Union Pacific 6-Car Steam Excursion Heritage Set

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With the Union Pacific Steam Excursion Train travelling the country, many are getting the opportunity to see live steam in action being pulled by no other than the company's largest existing steam locomotive, the 4014 "Big Boy". Built for UP in 1941, it had been placed in storage for many years after being taken out of service in 1962. In the late 1990s and early 2000, new life was put back into 4014 as it was placed back into service to provide excursions to many places on the company's property and to tour the Nation giving everyone the opportunity to see and hear a real live steam locomotive.

Now you can add this six-piece set to your only Steam Excursion Train in HO Scale. Here we have included in this one time, exclusive offer, the major support cars that make up the UPP Heritage Train when Union Pacific is touring the country. Each car has been researched, detailed and painted to the likeness of the actual car it represents using Tru-Color Paint and decals from Microscale and Circus City.

In a consist behind the 4014 and tender, there are usually two auxiliary water tenders (to provide water to produce steam for the boiler) and one modern diesel-powered locomotive to provide power and braking assistance. Our six cars consist of the following:

  • Vintage Robin's Rail 60' Express Boxcar/Tool Car #9364
  • Walther's RTR 73' Baggage Car, "Lynn Nystrom" #5714
  • Walther's Proto 85' Baggage Car, "Art Lockman", #6334
  • Walther's Proto 85' Baggage/Tour Car, "Experience", #5752
  • S.Soho&Co. Brass 85' Power/Boiler Car, "Howard Fogg", #209
  • S.Soho&Co. Brass 85' Crew Lounge Car, "Sun Valley, #6203

All cars come completely detailed in their original box and packaging and are ready to be added to a layout near you. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own your own Steam Excursion Fleet set.

It is suggested for maximum enjoyment and trouble free operations, no smaller radius track with a minimum of 30 inches be considered as some cars with limited truck movement may not run efficiently as designed.