LSC1024 CM10-6 Custom Cascade Models Budd 10-6 Sleeper, ATSF

LSC1024 CM10-6 Custom Cascade Models Budd 10-6 Sleeper, ATSF "Pine Arroya"

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Cascade Models CM10-6.1 Santa Fe Budd 10-6 Pine Sleeper. Custom finished with window treatments  and interior. Very nicely detailed w/painted underframe, diaphragms and  41-CDO-11 trucks, (these were updated in March of 1965). Painted and lettered, "Pine Arroya" as one of 27 Pine sleepers built by the Budd Car Co. in 1949-1950 for the Santa Fe. Each car produced and received by the Santa Fe was name in alphabetical order upon delivery beginning with the "Pine Arroya". All "Pine" 10-6 sleepers were produced and delivered without skirts for their Super Chief Trains. However, Santa Fe official later opt to have some of these cars fitted with skirts to streamline the full train until the mid-1960s when most cars began removing their skirts completely while in service.

Produced by Kumata of Japan for Cascade Models.
Includes Kadee Couplers and a full window glazing and interior.

Nicely finished and ready for your 1960's era passenger trains. Get this nice piece today before it's gone.

This piece includes its original box and packaging and is ready to roll.
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