M50313 Cordless/Rechargeable Soldering Iron

M50313 ISO-TIP Quick-Charge Cordless/Rechargeable Soldering Iron

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Industrial Quality Iso-Tip Cordless Soldering Iron Heats In Just 5 To 10 Seconds

Now you can perform soldering operations away from your workbench without power cords that weigh you down or get tangled. Made specifically for the hobbyist and electronic technician, this battery-powered soldering iron can make up to 125 solder joints on a single charge. Convenient recharging stand keeps your iron easy to reach, on constant charge and ready to solder. Recharges completely in 3 to 4-1/2 hours; a partially discharged battery returns to full capacity in less than one hour. Set includes cordless soldering iron, recharging stand, work light and 'lock-off' switch, one fine tip (our #50314), 1 heavy duty tip (our #50315) and instruction booklet. Power: 25 watts; maximum temperature: 900 degress F.

Mod#7700 Smart Solder Series