M70221.1 White Cotton Gloves (2pr/pkg.)

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Cotton Gloves Protect Hands And Finishes

Tired of fingerprints and smudges on your prized collections? Here's the answer to handling those favorite pieces without worrying about contaminants all over you collectives. Even when your hands are completely clean, we have natural oils and acidic in our skin that can be left behind. Sometimes these are microscopic and not visible to the naked eye.

These thin, light-weight, disposable cotton gloves let you handle your collectibles without fear of contaminating the surfaces with fingerprints. Protects both painted and unpainted surfaces. Also ideal for handling metal objects while polishing and for protecting your hands when using epoxy and other adhesives.

Grab a package today for the workshop or the hobby room. Maybe gently cleaned in the kitchen sink with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Allow to air dry at room temperature. Do not bleach.

100% Cotton. One size fits all. Package of 2 pairs each (4/pkg).