TMI-H111 Tomar LW Passenger LED Round Drumhead, ATSF "Texas Chief"

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All passenger train operations in the 1960s required a tail light or some form of lighting on the end car of their train consist. Santa Fe was no exception. Many of their cars were decorated with a lighted drumhead sign lighting up the train's theme name. These became an iconic symbol to each Santa Fe passenger train.

Product Information

  • Tomar Industries - LED Lighting
  • Complete your observation car
  • Include Kodachrome color signs
  • Allow for interior detailing
  • Detailed drawings and instructions
  • Fits all (HO Scale) passenger cars
  • DCC compatible
  • Works on 3 to 18v AC or DC
  • Includes all necessary parts
  • Housing is machined and drilled
  • For ages 14 and older