W920-9541 Walther's Proto HO 85' ACF Baggage/Dorm Car, Union Pacific #6000

W920-9541 Walther's Proto HO 85' ACF Baggage/Dorm Car, UP #6000

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Now discontinued and unavailable from Walther's

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Read more about the Union Pacific 1960s City of Los Angeles here!
Keeping its flagship on schedule was a key part of what made the 1960s City of Los Angeles so popular with passengers. To reduce the number of stops en route, dining car crews remained on board for the entire trip, housed in Baggage-Dormitory cars at the front of the train. Based on nine cars delivered new in 1948 from American Car & Foundry (ACF) as lot #3029, plan #7667154, car numbers 6000-6008 were equipped with two- and three-tiers of bunks, along with lavatory and toilet facilities that took up roughly half of the interior, with the remainder used for baggage. An authentic addition to your UP Domeliner fleet, other features include:
  • Prototypically accurate window tinting & black gaskets as appropriate
  • Factory-installed stainless steel grab irons
  • Modeler-installed extended drawbars for use on 22" radius curves included
  • Turned metal wheelsets and correct trucks with built-in electrical contacts
  • Fully assembled and finished in authentic colors
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers
PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation.