W932-6800 Walther's RTR 72' P-S Custom Baggage Car, UP

W932-6800 Walther's RTR 72' P-S Custom Baggage Car, UP "Lynn Nystrom" #5714

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A Lone Star Collectibles Exclusive.....

More Variety for Your Head-End UP Heritage Consist

If you are seeking the 73' "Lynn Nystrom" Baggage Car for your UP Heritage Fleet, look no more. We have one being offered now for the taking! This car has been completely custom-built in our LSC Custom Shop per the prototype using all correct components.  The car rides on painted GSC 41-HR trucks with die cast sideframes and blackened-metal wheelsets. Other features include flush-fitting single windows in each door, full interiors, working diaphragms, magnetic knuckle couplers and painted & lettered the "Lynn Nystrom". All grabs irons and correct roof components have been added per the prototype. This car was professionally painted with Tru-Color Paint's "Armour Yellow" and "Harbour Mist Grey". Decals from Microscale and Circus City completes the car. Adding character to the car, some of the doors are in a partially-opened position on one side, along with a detailed underframe, with some of the components re-positioned.


Custom-Built Pullman-Standard 72' Smooth-Side Baggage Car by LSC Custom Shop.