July 25, 2023

The Southern Pacific's STARLIGHT are here! Limited quantities available (there are still a few cars and sets available, open stock). Contact us today to special order.

We have our completed 10-car CIL Santa Fe "Super Chief" Train now available to purchase. Finished in our LSC Custom Shop with full interiors and close-coupled setups.

Coach Yard is doing the BNSF "William Barstow Strong", BNSF 36. Preorder it now!!

Announcing two new projects from The Coach Yard - the BNSF Business Fleet - 16 cars have been selected to produce.

Next - The SOUTHERN - 1952 "The CRESCENT" and the 1970/79 "SOUTHERN CRESCENT" 8-car trains.  Plus additional cars to create the consists you want. Individual cars  will be "optional" - black roof and heralds on the cars. (Black roofs are to be finished by the collector, not TCY).

Close-out on all remaining in-stock Tru-Color Paints. Now save 50% off retail. Hurry, only a few bottles left...

Bowser 2-Bay Ballast Cars are here! We have the Santa Fe versions in stock,  available in four car numbers each...

Bowser Spline Cars are here--check us first before placing your request-quantities are limited. Most are sold out! Five-unit sets maybe order under short demands-contact us first!

Coach Yard Mopac Eagles have sold out...


We have updated our order and arrival ETAs for all our Coach Yard brass preorders. Be sure to get your request in early before it's too late to do so. Prices shown are for the 20% deposit required to preorder each car. Contact us if you are interest in acquiring the sets. Use our PREORDER REQUEST FORMS or contact us direct...

Check out our clearance sale items in The Clearance Yard link here on our webstore.


We continue to sell all Bowser, InterMountain and Walther's HO scale products. But many will now become advanced preorders or special orders to help us reduce our inventory cost. Contact us today at our email address, and through Facebook Messenger. 

We invite you to continue to advance preorder your favorite locomotive and rolling stock (NO MORE ATHEARN OR ATLAS) as before from us using our PREORDER REQUEST FORM or to special order any products currently available from our suppliers. No changes in how we reserve and ship these products to our customers. Special orders may be made by contacting us directly (some selections based on supplier's availability). 

Remember too, we carry Coach Yard products and can advance preorder your favorite new brass from TCY.

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