NOVEMBER 22, 2021

Our annual BFCM Sale begin this Friday at midnight (11/26). Be sure you are a subscriber to our newsletter for special sales and announcements. Watch your inboxes for these announcements coming soon!

Athearn Genesis preordered Dash 9-44CW are arriving...These are the first runs from Athearn announced in July 2020. For those whom have reserved these, invoices have been sent out. We do not expect any additional stock units at this time.

No more Athearn, Athearn Genesis or Atlas advance preorders...due to continuing issues with our supply chain, we regrettably announce we are no longer going to make this a part of our business model. For those who have advance preordered recently with us, we are going to attempt to fulfill these request...

The EAGLE is coming  - The 1940 EAGLE and the 50's Missouri River Eagle from The Coach Yard will be  coming with The EMD E3s, both in as-delivered and  modified paint schemes.

SOLD OUT!! We are expecting the Southern Pacific's mighty snow fighting tool - the rotary snowplow in steam and diesel-electric too from TCY.


We are now stocking and back-shopping custom finished brass HO scale passenger cars as part of our inventory. Much of our line includes streamline cars from the Santa Fe, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads. The majority of them imported by The Coach Yard.

We will continue to sell all Bowser, InterMountain and Walther's HO scale products as before. But many will now become advanced preorders or special orders to help us reduce our inventory cost. Contact us today at our email address, and through Facebook Messenger.


We invite you to continue to advance preorder your favorite locomotive and rolling stock as before from us using our PREORDER CONTACT FORM or to special order any products currently available from our suppliers. No changes in how we reserve and ship these products to our customers. Special orders may be made by contacting us directly (some selections based on supplier's availability).


Remember too, we carry Coach Yard products and can advance preorder your favorite new brass from TCY.

We will continue to provide our custom work as before with no changes.

Continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest announcements from manufacturers of products we carry as well as the latest announcements from us at