ATL10004038 Atlas Master Gold GP40 Locomotive, Santa Fe #2964w/DCC & ESU LokSound

ATL10004038 Atlas Master Gold GP40 Locomotive, Santa Fe #2964w/DCC & ESU LokSound

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EMD built the unit in May 1969 as TP&W 1000. Santa Fe acquired it on Jan. 1, 1984 when it absorbed the TP&W and the locomotive was renumbered to ATSF 3461. In August 1984 it was rebuilt, repainted, renumbered to 2964 and designated a GP35u despite retaining its GP40 carbody. On Jan. 28, 1988 it was wrecked at Pico Rivera CA and was scrapped.

This detailed HO Scale Atlas Master Gold EMD GP40 is based on the 3,000-horsepower road switchers introduced in 1966. The line of locomotives were powered by the 16-cylinder 645-series prime mover. A total of 1,145 units were produced between 1966 and 1972. These turbocharged 3,000hp locomotives were used primarily in road freight service. The GP40 was a versatile locomotive that could be found across the US hauling drag freights over mountain passes and leading high-speed intermodal trains across flat terrain. Three rooftop radiator fans at the rear of the long hood differentiate a GP40 from its lower horsepower counterpart, the GP38, which has two fans. The Atlas EMD GP40 comes equipped with a dual-mode ESU LokSound Select sound and DCC dual-mode decoder for operation on DCC and DC layouts, and features a five-pole skewed-armature motor with dual flywheels, directional LED lighting and AccuMate(R) magnetic knuckle couplers. The EMD GP40 features accurate decoration, roadname-appropriate details and has plenty of applied details. Note that although the dual-mode decoders will operate on DCC and DC layouts, DC and DCC units will not operate together in a consist. The EMD GP40 is one of many Atlas HO Scale locomotives.

DCC Operation Features:

• Supports all DCC-programming modes

• Flexible mapping of function keys F0 to F28.

• Follows all NMRA DCC standards and recommended practices.

Sound Functionality Features:

• Over 20 sound effects are available, including engine start-up and shutdown, prime mover sounds through all eight notches, bell, air horn, air compressor, dynamic brakes and more.

• There are 16 user-selectable horns, 2 user-selectable bells, and 2 user-selectable synchronized brake squeals.

• Manual and Automatic Notching modes with the ability to change modes ”on the fly” are provided for true realism.

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